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Ofcom finally pulls GB News up for breaking broadcasting regulations. And can a small, independent newspaper boost its fortunes?

May 23, 2024
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GB News has repeatedly breached broadcasting regulations, been accused of political bias and featured anti-vax stories—but it got away with such misdemeanors until Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appeared on a show called “The People’s Forum”, in which he was able to outline key Conservative messages, largely unchallenged. 

Ahead of the general election on 4th July, this finally grabbed the attention of Ofcom. But what took the regulator so long? And what sort of sanctions can the channel—many of whose MP presenters will now be unable to host during the election campaign—expect to face? 

Professor Stewart Purvis once served as a senior executive at Ofcom, and is dismayed at the way Ofcom has allowed GB News carry on unchallenged. He talks to Lionel and Alan about the way it should be held to account for lacking impartiality.

Also this week: The Bristol Cable, a crowdfunded independent media organisation has been given a rare chance. The investigative newspaper is attempting to fill a gap left by the demise of traditional local newsrooms—and if they gain enough new members by September, they could secure a chunk of much-needed cash. Will they pull it off?

A transcript will be available shortly