The best Prospect articles of 2012

Our favourites from the past 12 months

December 17, 2012
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Here are ten of our favourite Prospect articles from the past 12 months, in no particular order.

1.From Faust to Frankenstein: How far should the logic of markets dictate our lives? Rowan Williams argues that we need a different way of thinking about the world

2.The book of LBJ: In May, the fourth volume of an epic biography of Lyndon Johnson was published. Sam Tanenhaus meets its legendary author, Robert Caro

3.An orthodox challenge: Israel’s ultra-orthodox Jewish population is growing rapidly. Gershom Gorenberg looks at whether it can be integrated into modern society, and what that will mean for the country

4.Playboy goes west: In April, Playboy said goodbye to Chicago, where it had been based since its launch in 1953. Rachel Shteir wonders whether the iconic magazine has a future

5.You’ll never be Chinese: Mark Kitto has been living in China for 16 years. Next summer, he will return to Britain. In this hugely controversial article, he explains why he’s leaving the country.

6.Show me the money: A revolution in lending is underway in Britain. Can the new wave of “alternative lenders” challenge the big banks? asks Sam Knight

7. One universe among many?: Physical reality may extend far beyond what we previously thought, says physicist Martin Rees

8.The curious case of the Sherlock pilgrims:  Sherlock Holmes continues to attract obsessive fans. Edward Docx joins 70 devotees in Switzerland for a Sherlock re-enactment and wonders why the detective still grips our imagination

9.There may never be peace: After six years as a British ambassador in the Middle East, Tom Phillips sees little hope for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement. Here are his ten rules for why the situation is so bleak

10.Europe’s long shadow: In 2012, the eurozone crisis continued to be one of the biggest stories. Historian Antony Beevor asks whether it will put European democracy under threat

Other favourites included Paul Krugmanon spending your way out of a recession, Garrison Keillor’s plans as ruler of the world, Rachel Polonsky on Putin’s prospects, Sam Leith’s comparison of peppers with financial services and Adam Kirschon the enduring popularity of fairy tales.

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