In fact

June 19, 1998

Less than 3 per cent of men report to female managers. [The End of Masculinity, John MacInnes]

In 1914, Britain had nine ambassadors. Today there are roughly 140 ambassadors plus nine accredited to multilateral organisations.

[The Statesman's Yearbook]

Until 1977, German men had the legal right to forbid their wives to take paid employment. [The End of Masculinity, John MacInnes]

The World Health Organisation says 80 per cent of cancer cases are due to environmental factors. [Living Downstream, Sandra Steingraber]

In 1989, the market value of equities traded in London was one sixth of that in Japan. In March 1998, London overtook Japan. [Bill Rubinstein, University of Wales]

Almost half of daughters aged between 20 and 30 take on the senior role in the mother-daughter relationship. [Fab after Fifty]

Half of all British men between 20 and 24 live with their parents. [Prospect, page 36]

During the 1980s, 200,000 people emigrated from Ireland. Between April 1996-97, 15,000 more people arrived than left. [International

Herald Tribune, 18th March 1998]

At the beginning of the Troubles, 20 per cent of Ulster protestants described themselves as Irish. Today 3 per cent do. [Arthur Aughey, University of Ulster]

Australia has 45,000 heroin addicts; in New York City, there are 350,000. [Far Eastern Economic Review, 16th April 1998]