The green recovery—<em>Prospect</em>’s new report

The road to Britain’s net-zero future

January 28, 2021
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The pandemic turned 2020 into a year of immediate and all-consuming crises—of public health, and of economic wellbeing both national and personal. But it also marked yet another year where the global climate emergency became more evident, from wildfires in California to record high summer temperatures closer to home.

For the government and civil society these dual disasters could together spawn a revolutionary response—one which combines robust economic stimulus with averting planetary catastrophe. Boris Johnson last year announced a “green industrial revolution,” with significant investment and big new ideas in green transport and places, green energy, and green innovation. But while the government’s ambition has been broadly welcomed, it faces hurdles too.

In part, this is a story about technology. We must clean up our energy mix, and that means leaning more heavily on electricity, for example to power our transportation. Rachel Maclean, Minister for the Future of Transport and Decarbonisation, tells us how Britain can benefit from the coming boom in electric vehicles. Innovations like carbon capture and storage and hydrogen energy also bring with them opportunities and potential pitfalls.

But this is also a question of leadership—of politicians displaying both strategic vision and tactical flexibility. Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham explains why, in 2019, the city declared a climate emergency not just for symbolic reasons, but to galvanise public and private sectors alike. Philip Dunne, Environmental Audit Committee Chair, writes of the need for national government to align short-term pandemic response with long-term green goals.

There’s a long road ahead, but if the UK gets this right, we could build back to a better society than we had before.

A full PDF of the report can be downloaded here.


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