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German elections: Infographics and result trackers

Merkel looks set for a fourth term as Chancellor. Here you can explore some of the election data

By Prospect Team  

German chancellor Angela Merkel (M) and the mayor of Stralsund Alexander Badrow. Photo: Jens B�ttner/DPA/PA Images

Today, Germans went to the polls—and all indications are that Merkel has won a fourth term as Chancellor. Below, you can explore the results as they arrive.

Here find a map of constituencies, with first vote results as they are published on Bundeswahlleiter. Hover your mouse over each constituency to see a full breakdown.

The same—but for second vote results.

Find the exit poll results here—and create coalitions by clicking on the parties. Data from ZDF.

Who are the candidates for MP? Here you can sort all 2559 of them by gender, party and where they come from. The data is from Bundeswahlleiter.

What did the final polls say? This chart uses data from IfD Allensbach

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