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Lula’s big moment

The summit of the Americas may not attract much attention as the G20. But it's a key opportunity for Obama to push a new direction in US foreign policy, and for Lula to elbow out Chavez
Anastasia Moloney  

Mowing the lawn

The Taliban is not just a home-grown Afghan problem, but it will require a partly Afghan solution. If we don't recognise this now, the country will end up in a worse state than Iraq
Peter Bergen  

The failed state we’re in

The international community has spent billions on reconstructing Afghanistan—yet the country has made dismayingly little progress. It's time for a radical new approach to state-building
Clare Lockhart  

The Washington folly

Paul Collier's review of my book failed to take into account the disastrous effect on developing countries of following the advice of the IMF and World Bank
Erik S Reinert  

Educating Akello

A small girl I encounter outside a Ugandan refugee camp somehow persuades me to pay her school fees. I soon find myself caught up in an ambiguous African story of doubt, mistrust and guilt
Richard Dowden  

Globalisation is working

Contrary to Robert Wade's arguments last month, countries that open up their economies tend to prosper. We need to help more of them reap globalisation's benefits