August / September 2021 issue
The World's Top Thinkers for 2021, Andrew Adonis profiles Boris Johnson, English identity and racism, why "What is a woman?" is a more difficult question to answer than you might think. Plus the legacy of 9/11, the perils of quantitative easing, shoul...
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© Hayley Warnham
The world’s top 50 thinkers 2021
We stopped, they rethought. Meet the outstanding minds who are shaping the future
© Kathryn Rose Brown
The England delusion
Regularly falling to foreign takeovers and perennially divided, England is a nation that never was. No wonder we’re fracturing
© Tim McDonagh
Boris Johnson: The Prime Etonian
He plays the clown but has turned himself into one of Britain’s most dominant prime ministers. How has he done it? Andrew Adonis explains how Johnson’s school nurtured a literal class act
Take your medicine: prescriptions for antidepressants have seen a threefold increase in the past 20 years. Photo: © Arno Massee / Alamy Stock Photo
Pills, bills and heartache: how Big Pharma helped create our mental health crisis
A polemic on the evils of the pharmaceutical industry needs to apply more rigour to its own argument
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