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December 17, 2019
Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Archive/PA Images
Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Archive/PA Images

Robert Jenrick’s number one objective is to deliver more homes. But will he succeed?—Interview by Jay Elwes

John Healey interview: Can the Labour Party really deliver a million new affordable homes?—Jay Elwes

Two and a half years on from Grenfell we have barely begun to make our buildings safer—Peter Apps

To reach net zero, correct the failures in the housing market—Mike Hedges

To achieve its housing pledges the government must empower local authorities—David Renard

Can modular construction deliver the homes we need?—Michelle Hannah

How big is the personnel shortfall in the construction industry?—Simon Rawlinson

Housing and the skills gap—Charles Egbu

Valuing the Planet through the Built Environment—Patrice Cairns, RICS

Fix the housing crisis to bring Britain together—Mark Washer, Sovereign Housing

Building more and better quality homes—Building Societies Association

Everyone should have a place to call home—A Q&A with Mark Powell, EDAROTH