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The happiest place in Britain, Shaka Hislop and tuxedo-wolves
November 17, 2010
“I’m from Arbroath, and you’re...let me guess... from Slough”

Arbroath is the happiest place in Britain; Eastbourne and Slough the most miserable. Daily Mail, 11th October 2010

Former Newcastle goalie Shaka Hislop has a degree in rocket propulsion engineering. Wikipedia

58 per cent of Britons die in an NHS ward. Palliative Medicine, January 2008

Malaysians have the most friends—233 on average—on social networking websites. The Japanese have the least, averaging 29. Digital Life survey,

Forty is the only number that, when spelled out, has all its letters in alphabetical order. Mental Floss blog, 27th September 2010

Tea parties were invented in the 1830s; the 1773 Boston tea party was referred to as “the destruction of the tea” at the time. BBC News website, 2nd November 2010

There are more black Caribbean men at London Metropolitan University than in all 20 Russell Group universities combined. The Guardian, 13th October 2010

Republican Meg Whitman spent $160m in her failed bid to be governor of California, including a record $141m of her own money. Her opponent Jerry Brown won with $32m. Los Angeles Times, 2nd November 2010

The average age of a Briton buying their first home without assistance is now 37. Home Builders Federation

Tuxedo is a Native American word for wolf: it became the name of a lake in New York state and a nearby country club, and finally of a new style of dinner jacket worn there. “I Never Knew There Was A Word for It,” by Adam Jacot de Boinod (Penguin)