Photo: National Maritime Museum, London

"Visitors will encounter a beguiling mystery": The best science exhibitions this month

One new exhibition sheds light on the fate that befell John Franklin after he vanished without trace, along with his crew and two ships in 1845. Elsewhere, you can meet the UK scientists poised to change the world
June 22, 2017
Death in the Ice: The Shocking Story of Franklin’s Final Expedition

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich 14th July to 7th Jan 2018

In 1845, John Franklin set sail from England to map the Northwest passage in the Canadian Arctic. He, his crew and his two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, vanished without trace. Frantic expeditions to find them proved fruitless. Then, in a sensational discovery, Erebus was located off the Canadian coast in 2014. Terror was found two years later. Many believe that the ships became locked in the ice, and that the crew, who abandoned ship, later starved, with some resorting to cannibalism. This major new exhibition—the first time that clothing and other personal items from the expedition have been seen in Britain—applies forensic science to shed light on the unknown fate that befell Franklin and his men. Visitors can draw their own conclusions about one of the most beguiling mysteries in the history of human exploration.

Summer Science Exhibition

Royal Society, London 4th to 9th July

This annual gem showcases the best of UK science, with 22 exhibits winning temporary residence in this historic institution, over which Isaac Newton once presided. Discover how masers—the microwave version of lasers—can be used to transmit information; marvel at the tool-using skills of tropical crows; and get ahead on eMental Health, which uses apps and virtual reality to tackle disorders. The displays, from research laboratories around the country, are always hands-on and staffed by top researchers. With other stalls spanning energy, materials and astronomy, this is a highly recommended opportunity to get up close and personal with the UK scientists poised to change the world.