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Listen: Headspace—the first of Prospect’s new monthly podcasts

Writers from our October issue discuss Utopia, women in power and industrial strategy

By Prospect Team  

An illustration for the first edition of Thomas More's 1516 work Utopia—discussed by Joanne Paul in our new podcast

Lend us your ears for Headspace, the inaugural edition of Prospect’s new monthly podcast. Each month we will be welcoming into the pod three of the contributors from the magazine. We commission pieces which challenge you to think differently, and we’ll also be encouraging our writers to challenge each other, as they stress-test each other’s arguments in the studio.

Joining Prospect’s new editor, Tom Clark, are three contributors from the October issue—the historian Joanne Paul, who defends Thomas More from the charge that Utopias are a dangerous distraction; the former Conservative minister, David Willetts, who explains why the May government has a duty to move on from Thatcherite lassiez-faire and embrace a pro-active industrial strategy; and Rachel Holmes, the feminist biographer who asks whether anything much will change for ordinary women, if—as could soon happen—female leaders are calling the shots in Berlin, London and Washington at the same time.

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