#AskGalloway: Gorgeous George gets hijacked

An attempt to crowdsource questions for the controversial MP has gone horribly wrong

January 28, 2015
Is Gorgeous George what London needs? Photo: David Hunt.
Is Gorgeous George what London needs? Photo: David Hunt.

Iranian TV station Press TV are running a weekly promotion offering lucky Twitter users the chance to ask a question of George Galloway, MP for Bradford West. All followers have to do is tweet their question using the hashtag #AskGalloway and the best one gets a response.

But Twitter has other ideas, and users haven't been taking things as seriously as Press TV's social media team might have hoped...

Some people (bless them) are trying to make serious political points:


If you could bring back anyone from history which deceased Arab tyrant would you choose? #askgalloway — The Blue Baron (@Ryan__Blake) January 28, 2015

Would you like to sit in a tree with @Nigel_Farage? #AskGalloway

— Paul Bernal (@PaulbernalUK) January 28, 2015

Some people are tweeting bizarre and irrelevant questions:


Should I put jam on my scone and then cream, or cream first then jam? I never know. #AskGalloway

— Eddy Davis (@EddyZDavis) January 28, 2015

Which do you consider to be hardest bone to remove without setting off the buzzer in Operation? #askGalloway

— James C (@MotoClark) January 28, 2015

#askgalloway If penguins are actually just chickens in wet suits, is it okay to warm them up by peeing on them? Quickly please. — Chris (@ChribHibble) January 28, 2015

There ain't no party like an S Club party. Yes? No? Or Maybe? #askgalloway — Alan Greenwood (@agreenwoodesq) January 28, 2015

If you could save only one Brian Cox, which one would you save - the actor or the scientist? #AskGalloway — Brian Teles (@BrianTeles) January 28, 2015

This pun gets a special mention:

Do you still see much of Dumfries? #AskGalloway

— cluedont (@cluedont) January 28, 2015

And at least one person is thinking about who's really suffering here

Good luck to the intern who has to go through the #AskGalloway hastag and find some appropriate questions! — Emmanuel Mair (@emmanuelmadeit) January 28, 2015

Oh well, Galloway fans, let's just try and remember the good times: