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The Prospect Interview #120: Thomas Piketty on capitalism and inequality today

The French economist of inequality offers his views on Brexit, the wealth tax—and who he thinks will really beat Trump

By Prospect Team  

His previous book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, became a worldwide sensation. Now the French economist is back with another sweeping history of inequality and capitalism: Capital and Ideology. Thomas Piketty joins the Prospect Interview to talk about what’s changed in the world—and his own life—since his tome on inequality topped the charts in 2014.

He tells us his thoughts on Donald Trump, Brexit, Bernie Sanders, and re-evaluates Labour’s 2017 and 2019 elections and the future of Macron’s revolution. And why, despite everything, he has a shred of optimism about the future of the fight against inequality.

You can read Tom’s essay on Thomas Piketty’s capital ideas, past and present, here.


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