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Georgia Meloni’s Media Clampdown

Is the Italian prime minister exerting too much pressure on state broadcasters?

April 25, 2024
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Lionel Barber and Alan Rusbridger are joined by Maurizio Molinari, editor of Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica to explore exactly what Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is doing with Italian state media.

Renowned historian Antonio Scurati was booked to deliver a monologue on a talk show on Italian broadcaster RAI 3 on 25th April, Italy’s Liberation Day, when it commemorates victory over fascism. In this speech, he was planning to accuse Meloni’s government of sticking to ideologies of neo-fascist culture. But then his appearance was cancelled—leading to allegations that the Italian PM is trying to turn state broadcasters into her own “megaphone”.

She wouldn’t be the first European leader to exert too much control over their country’s media. There are concerns that Meloni is planning to take the Italian media down a similar road to that of Viktor Orbán’s Hungary, where independent journalists operate in a climate of fear and intimidation.

A transcript will be available shortly.