Media Confidential

The GB News propaganda machine

For a special live recording of the podcast, Alan and Lionel are joined by a critic of the right-wing channel—and a regular contributor

March 28, 2024
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This week, Alan Rusbridger and Lionel Barber are joined by Gavin Esler and Michael Crick as they get stuck into GB News, broadcaster bias—and what it’s like to watch and appear on the channel. 

Previously, Alan had tasked Gavin with watching GB News’s output for a month. The outcome? Tory MPs interviewing Tory MPs, “shallow” reporting, and a lack of balance not just about politics but about the reality of issues such as housing in UK society. Michael Crick is a contributor to GB News—albeit a combative one—and explains why he continues appearing on the channel, despite repeatedly calling for it to be shut down. 

With such a lack of impartiality, how does the channel dodge being challenged by the regulator, Ofcom? Plus, ahead of the looming general election, tighter rules apply to broadcasters. How will GB News be able to report on the poll with so many politicians involved as presenters?

This episode of Media Confidential was recorded in front of an audience.

A transcript will be available shortly.