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How to fix… the listener special!

In this week's How To Fix, we answer your questions—from Northern Ireland to football

By Steve Bloomfield  

For the tenth episode of How to Fix we decided to hand the reins over to you, dear listener. What do you think needs fixing? We’ve whittled down your suggestions to half a dozen and have parcelled out your queries to a handful of prospect editors, including myself and Steph.

You’ll hear Tom Clark discuss the state of the United Kingdom, Sameer Rahim will wax lyrical on English curriculums at universities, Steph will tell us all about children’s health and I’ll have a minor rant about sports administration. We’ll also talk about the age bias in the arts and discuss the growing distrust in the media. 

In this week’s show, Steve Bloomfield and Stephanie Boland are joined by:

  • Tom Clark
  • Sameer Rahim

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