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How to fix… sexual harassment: Listen to episode seven of Prospect’s ideas podcast

This week, we're joined by Musa Okwonga and Rosamund Urwin

By Steve Bloomfield  

In the three weeks since the first allegations of sexual harassment and assault were made against Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, the floodgates have opened. From film to journalism, politics to law, women have come forward with horrific stories of assault and everyday harassment. No industry is immune.

It feels as if something might have changed, as if we’ve reached—or are reaching towards—a tipping point. But are we? What, if anything, will actually change? What can we do—both men and women—to make sure that things change. And what do we mean by that? What does change look like? 

In this week’s show, Steve Bloomfield and Stephanie Boland are joined by

—Rosamund Urwin, a columnist for the Evening Standard

—Musa Okwonga, writer and poet

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