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Accidental revolutionary

Christopher Hitchens has come round to Tom Paine's view that things would have been far better if the French revolution had been more like the American

Divide and empower

The west should consider sanctions, but it should also focus on exploiting the divisions among Iran's ruling elite and empowering Iranian society
Nazenin Ansari  

Goodbye to the ’68ers

In 1998, 30 years after the student uprisings that politicised a generation, Germany's "1968ers" entered government. Expectations were high but the red-green coalition's achievements have been limited. Their liberalising effect on Germany in the decades before 1998 will be the…
Hans Kundnani  

Radio Hong Kong

The John Humphrys of Hong Kong has fled, complaining of intimidation. Those left behind are pushing against Beijing's block on democracy
Jonathan Fenby  

Aung San Suu Kyi

The world's most famous prisoner has little to show for ten years of struggle. Is the Burmese opposition crumbling?
Adrian Levy