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In the second episode, I talk to Jim Waterson, Lisa Markwell and Andreas Kluth

By Steve Bloomfield  

Newspapers are in crisis. In fact, they’ve been in crisis for a decade and a half. Sales are down. Advertising is down. Jobs have been cut. The Independent shut down its print operation. The Guardian is losing tens of millions of pounds a year. The Telegraph is a shadow of its former self. And that’s before we even begin to look at the dire situation in the regional and local press, where dozens have been forced to close down.

This week, Steve Bloomfield and Stephanie Boland are joined by:

Lisa Markwell, the last ever editor of the Independent on Sunday

Jim Waterson, political editor of Buzzfeed News

Andreas Kluth, editor in chief of Germany’s Handelsblatt Global

Show notes

Here are Jim’s articles about the new wave of left-wing media sites: on the rise of the “alt-left” and how newspapers lost their monopoly on the political agenda.

Here’s a piece on HuffPost (fittingly, a new media operation) about the final front page of the Indy on Sunday.

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