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The West Bank according to Gideon Levy: Locked inside a living hell

The Haaretz journalist reports on the plight of Palestinians, seen across three decades

April 18, 2024
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Tensions in the Middle East ramped up at the weekend with the massive drone and missile attack launched by Iran on Israel. The eyes of the world refocused on the region, particularly Gaza—but what about the other occupied Palestinian territory, the West Bank?

Gideon Levy is an award-winning journalist who has been writing a column in Haaretz called “The Twilight Zone” for many years. On the podcast, he discusses his current view of life in the West Bank with Alan Rusbridger and Lionel Barber.

Gideon has been visiting Gaza and the West Bank on a weekly basis for over 30 years now, reporting the stories of Palestinians living in the occupied territories. Gaza was closed to all Israelis after the second Intifada, but Gideon has continued his weekly visits to the West Bank since. The people he has met have told him many moving stories, which he has relayed as part of what he says is his mission to tell the truth. Behind it all, Gideon sees himself as a journalist and a human first, and then an Israeli— and believes this should be a message for all journalists. 

“I’ve crossed some lines,” he says, because he walks a difficult path. He’s been shot by Israeli soldiers, too. But he insists that someone must tell the story of the people living in the occupied territories, currently living through hell in the West Bank and in Gaza.

A transcript will be available shortly