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Prospect at the 2016 party conferences

By Saskia Abdoh  

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After a busy three weeks on the road at the Labour, Conservative and SNP political party conferences, where Prospect hosted a number of discussions on the fringe, we’re delighted to share a collection of articles covering the main ideas resulting from our events. This year, Prospect’s events programme addressed a variety of topics including: banking, regional devolution, infrastructure, transport, financial resilience and health. It also saw the launch of our Future of Trade programme.


British trade: what next?

Can devolved regions go global?

Can devolution help bridge the skills gap?

Health and technology: how can data save lives?

How can financial resilience enable social cohesion?

If cities are in control of infrastructure spending what does it mean for business?

Labour’s Plan for Business

PPP: who owns health data and how can it best be put to use?

Smart cities and intelligent transport in an era of devolution

What stops people from switching their current account?


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