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A new year and a new look for Prospect

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By Prospect Team  

After an extraordinary year, Editor Tom Clark, Managing Editor Sameer Rahim and Associate Editor Samira Shackle reflect on the many ways in which 2020 changed the world—or appeared to. Most obviously the pandemic, which has upended everything from international relations to economics, not to mention medicine and science—but will we, despite all the talk, get back to normal this year? Or are any of the changes here to stay, and if so which?

Regardless of how many pandemic-induced changes endure, 2021 is bound to prove a “pivot point” in at least two respects. Now that Joe Biden has been confirmed as the next US president, Trump will be ousted from power and Brexit has moved from the domain of rhetoric to reality. Could this be the moment that the tide is turned on the march of populism?

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