28th November | Healthcare in a modern age: why we need a National Health Bank with Dame Sally Davies

Advances in medical science promise new leaps forward in human health and longevity — but cutting-edge treatments could prove costly and the NHS may struggle to meet demand

September 12, 2023
© Alamy / Shutterstock
© Alamy / Shutterstock

Policymakers have long struggled to find effective levers to tackle wider social and environmental causes of disease. How will they ensure equal access to the benefits of new discoveries and avoid further entrenching health inequalities as modern health advances?

In her Minister for the Future piece, Dame Sally Davies UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance and former Chief Medical Officer for England offers up a vision for a National Health Bank designed to protect the country’s most vital asset—the health of our population.

In conversation with Prospect Magazine Editor Alan Rusbridger, Davies joins us on 28th November to dive deeper into this bold idea. Alongside a panel of experts from the world of health sciences, we’ll explore the future of medicine and why we need to adopt the long view when it comes to our nation’s collective health.