Kirsty Wark hosts Women and Power

Country music and how to fail successfully—best podcasts of September 2018

Plus: powerful women at the National Trust
August 22, 2018
Cocaine and Rhinestones: The History of Country Music

Tyler Mahan Coe

I love diving headfirst into a podcast on a subject about which I know almost nothing, so there’s a whole new world to discover. I’m currently addicted to Cocaine and Rhinestones, a comprehensive study of Country & Western music as a prism through which you can experience the full richness of American culture, politics and darn good storytelling. Tyler Mahan Coe’s passion for country, its styles and its characters, is infectious, while his knowledge of the mythologies behind the music is all-encompassing.

How to Fail

Elizabeth Day

In this reflective eight-part interview series, novelist and journalist Elizabeth Day interviews esteemed literary and public figures, inviting them to recall three instances in which they feel they have failed. Guests include Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sebastian Faulks, Olivia Laing and Gina Miller, and the failures recounted range from broken-down relationships to disappointing cricket matches. The tone, however, is positive, with an overriding theme that failures are the times in our lives when we better ourselves and sow the seeds of future success.

Women and Power

National Trust

Kirsty Wark, below, marks 100 years since women won the right to vote with a history of the British suffrage movement in an impeccably structured five-part series for the National Trust. House stewards, curators, volunteers and academics tell the story through the NT properties connected with the struggle and the archives they hold, allowing them to illuminate the past. The cosy production of the series makes it feel a bit like an audio tour of a stately home—a pleasantly transportive experience.