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What happened to the Windies?

The West Indies dominated cricket in the 1970s and 1980s, then fell into steep decline. As the islands prepare to host the one-day cricket World Cup, an English cricketer tries to find out what went wrong
Ed Smith  

Letter from Argentina

The use of the corpse as a political weapon has a long history in Argentina. The body has become political because of the country's arrested political development
Nick Pearce  

Chávez marches on

Venezuela's opposition has finally managed to unite—but it is unlikely to stop Hugo Chávez winning re-election
Guy Taylor  

Lula’s second breath

In 1980 I travelled to São Paulo to meet Lula, a firebrand trade unionist. Twenty-six years later, a wealthier and more democratic Brazil is preparing to re-elect him to a second presidential term
Jonathan Power  

The Cuba connection

Why was America so obsessed by Fidel's recent health scare? Look to the "battleground" state of Florida for an answer
Steven Hill  

A tale of two lefts

Andrés López Obrador's failure to win the Mexican election masks a broader trend: Latin America's recent turn to the left. But there are two distinct lefts in the region: one modern and reformist, with its roots in hardcore leftism; the…

Last dance for Cuba

As the Ballet Nacional de Cuba comes to London, British audiences will have perhaps a final chance to behold one of the country's great cultural institutions—stuck in a timewarp, but glorious nevertheless
Ruaridh Nicoll  

Tribal preservation

Fifty years ago, Brazil's indigenous peoples faced extinction. Thanks to a long campaign, led initially by white sympathisers but now by the Indians themselves, land rights and political protection have been won. Indian reserves now cover an area bigger than…
John Hemming