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How to Fix… PMQs: listen to episode three of Prospect’s new podcast!

Esther Webber, Theo Betram and Louise Thompson join me to discuss one of the most noisy political traditions in the house

By Steve Bloomfield  

Prime Minister’s Questions is the one bit of parliamentary business that most people are dimly aware of. It’s normally guaranteed to make the news in the evening, but it’s not exactly parliament at its best. It’s boorish, it’s petty and it turns the public off.

This week, Steve Bloomfield and Stephanie Boland are joined by:

Theo Bertram, former advisor to Gordon Brown and Tony Blair

Esther Webber, reporter for BBC Politics and BBC Parliament

Louise Thompson, lecturer in British politics at Surrey University

Show notes

Theo explains what it’s like to prepare a prime minister for PMQS.

And here are some videos:

John Bercow says order a lot. Then tells the childrens’ minister to behave like an adult


David Cameron tells Angela Eagle to “calm down, dear”


Tony Blair calls William Hague the “weakest link”


David Cameron tells Tony Blair “you were the future once”


Vince Cable tells Gordon Brown he’s turned from Stalin to Mr Bean

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