Listen | Is Britain run by a new out-of-touch elite?

After taunting each other on Twitter, David Aaronovitch and Matthew Goodwin debated in person at Conway Hall on Tuesday 17th October

September 08, 2023
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Matthew Goodwin says there’s a “new elite” of radically progressive morally righteous graduates, who are dominating Britain’s major institutions. Filled with class prejudice, they are out of touch with the British public, and imposing on them costly policies of hyper-globalisation and mass migration.

Meet David Aaronovitch, a prominent member of Goodwin’s liberal ruling class. He views this new model of power in Britain an “absurd conspiracy theory” that is only serving as a cover for a far-right political agenda.

Who’s right? After taunting each other on Twitter agreed to debate in person. You can listen to the debate, which featured on the Prospect Podcast, below.

About Matthew Goodwin

Matthew Goodwin is Professor of Politics at the University of Kent and author of six books, including the Sunday Times bestsellers National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Penguin) and Values, Voice and Virtue: The New British Politics (Penguin). His Substack is read by 18,000 people each week and he tweets @GoodwinMJ

About David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovitch has been a journalist since 1982, working for ITV, the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, the Independent, the Guardian, the Observer and for 18 years at The Times. He has been a researcher, a reporter, a producer, a programme editor, a TV reviewer, a books reviewer, a presenter, a parliamentary sketch writer, a podcaster (isn’t everyone?) and a columnist. He has written three books. He currently presents the BBC’s weekly radio programme The Briefing Room, writes essays for The Financial Times and Prospect and since April this year has written a Substack, Notes from the Underground. He is also, according to Professor Matthew Goodwin, and by virtue of his two terms at Oxford in 1973/4, a member of the new cultural elite.