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After Suharto

Suharto's death means he will never be held to account for his crimes. But the Indonesian courts could still act to weaken his legacy of cronyism and corruption
Phil Zabriskie  

After President Putin

Vladimir Putin is likely to try to shift powers from the presidency to the premiership next year. But Russian history suggests that such power-sharing is difficult
Andrew Jack  

Ian Paisley

The man once seen as the embodiment of Protestant supremacism has agreed to share power with Sinn Féin. But did Northern Ireland have to wait for his giant ego to rise to the top of the unionist pile before a…
Mick Fealty  

Follow the leader

The "Blairism" strategy of the centre-left has brought ten years of power, thanks to a centralised leadership system attuned to the interests of middle Britain. Without Blair this system will no longer work. So will Labour now turn to electoral…
David Soskice  

Obasanjo’s legacy

Is Nigeria a beacon of hope, or still mired in corruption and violence? As Africa's most populous country votes for a new president in April, what is the verdict on the two terms of my friend Olusegun Obasanjo?
Jonathan Power  

A French force

Nicolas Sarkozy has star appeal. But to judge from his political testimony, he lacks a coherent political philosophy and has few ideas about how to arrest France's decline
Charles Grant