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Subscribers: how to log in to the Prospect website and app

If you are not yet using your subscription access to the Prospect website and app, make sure that you start today. It really is very simple—our archive of articles on the website stretches all the way back to 1995 and the app is a great way to read Prospect on the go.

Subscribers can access everything on the website and app using the email address registered on your subscription. To do so, please click the white “Log in” button in the header of the website (shown in the blue circle below) and enter your email address—as long as your email address is on our subscriptions database.

To log in on your mobile device, tap on the icon in the top-right of the screen (shown in the blue circle below), tap the white “Log in” button and enter your email address.

To log in to the Prospect app, please follow these instructions:

1. Download the Prospect app from the App Store or Google Play (depending on whether you use iOS or Android).
2. Open the app
3. On an iPhone or iPad tap the cog icon (Options), on Android tap the menu button (usually 3 horizontal lines)
4. Tap ‘‘Login / Register’’
5. Tap ‘‘I have a subscription from the publisher’’
6. Enter the email address that is registered on your subscription

If you have any difficulties logging in to the website or app with just an email address or need to add your email address to your subscription, please contact us by calling +44 (0) 330 333 0173 or by emailing If you could let us know your subscription reference number or address when you do that would be very helpful.