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A new age of the train

The story of Britain's railways is one of chaotic genius in the Victorian era followed by a century of more or less uninterrupted decline. Christian Wolmar charts this history in admirable detail, but succumbs to unwarranted romanticism when it comes…
Andrew Adonis  

Recycling Nixon

Conrad Black's weighty new biography of Richard Nixon portrays him as a "mighty and mythic" figure who made a "dignified exit" after being unfairly hounded from office—a code it's little trouble to break
Andrew Adonis  

The self-made exile

Michael Foot was the great rhetorician of his age. His tirades against government enlivened politics and helped sustain the credibility of parliament
Andrew Adonis  

The biographer’s tale

In 1994 I asked Roy Jenkins if I could write his biography. By the time he finally agreed, three years later, he was about to embark on his Churchill biography and I was about to start working for Tony Blair.…
Andrew Adonis  

Schools, hospitals and elites

Why has Britain's state run health system been so much more successful than the state education system? The answer lies in the success of the NHS in creating an effective cross-class institution which has survived the rise of the new…
Andrew Adonis  

Jobs for the boy

Lord Salisbury was Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary. William Gladstone was his own Chancellor. If Tony Blair enters Downing Street, he should appoint himself Education Secretary
Andrew Adonis