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Cleopatra of the Met

Cressida Dick is in many ways an effective Met Commissioner. Despite the chaos of Saturday night, replacing her would not solve anything
Andrew Adonis  

The Rishi reality check

Truth-telling chancellors don’t reach the top. Sunak will want to sound responsible, while leaving it to a successor to take responsibility for higher taxes
Andrew Adonis  

Boris, bridges and me

Northern Ireland and the Republic need better transport connections between Dublin, Belfast and Derry. The PM’s talk of a bridge is the stuff of circuses
Andrew Adonis  

How not to reform the NHS

Time and again what I found out in government is that pinpointed attention—and money—is what gets things done. Rewiring structures often produces nothing but harm
Andrew Adonis  

Biden rises to America’s crisis

As Donald Trump’s impeachment trial gets underway, Joe Biden has already drawn a firm line under his most damaging policies, and is plotting a path to the future that brings Roosevelt to mind
Andrew Adonis