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Political notes

David Cameron's new green paper talks of a radical Tory localism. But he will find the centralising habit hard to break
Richard Reeves  

Political notes

In a crisis, power usually returns to the centre. But the leading figures of the coming post-Brown era are still talking about dispersing it
Richard Reeves  

What’s up, doc?

Last year's medical training fiasco was a failure of NHS centralisation. And the surge in the number of medical students, plus an open door for foreign doctors, means there will be a mismatch between applicants and jobs for years to…
Alison Wolf  

Rules of the game

Reforming governments should take note of the theory of "mechanism design"—work on which recently won three economists the Nobel
Ken Binmore  

The DIY state

When it comes to public service reform, extra money and top-down rules can only achieve so much. A new ethos of self-help is needed, and its prophet is a former Catholic priest and industrial society critic—Ivan Illich
Charles Leadbeater  

Crowding out

Danny Kruger's "fraternity" is little more than a PR exercise. Here's a real Big Idea for David Cameron to get his teeth into
Terence Kealey