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The worst Olympians, offshore property deals, Kim Jong-il's cognac
February 22, 2012

In its last fiscal quarter, Apple sold more iPhones (37m) than babies were born in the world (36.3m). The Next Web, 25th Jan 2012

Monaco has the worst record at the Olympics, having sent teams 26 times without winning a medal. The Basement Geographer, 28th Nov 2011

In Britain, two-thirds of properties worth over £1m now change hands while avoiding stamp duty, by using offshore company accounts. The Guardian, 29th Nov 2011

In America, over 6m people are under “correctional supervision” (prison, probation or parole)—more than were in the Gulag Archipelago at its height under Stalin. The New Yorker, 30th Jan 2012

For two years in the mid-1990s, Kim Jong-Il was the world’s largest buyer of Hennessy Paradis cognac, spending up to $800,000 a year. Foreign Policy blog, 23rd Dec 2011

More than 50 people have applied for the job of hanging the surviving gunman in the Mumbai attacks. Los Angeles Times, 19th Dec 2011

The Church of Kopimism, whose principal tenet is the right to file-share, has been recognised as a religious organisation in Sweden. PC Mag, 5th Jan 2012

In Britain, patients needing emergency care are almost 10 per cent more likely to die if admitted to NHS hospitals on the weekend. The Independent, 28th Nov 2011