In fact

Whiteboard walls, men who iron and Canada's hockey riots
January 25, 2012

One in three British men claim to do the majority of ironing in their household; 18 per cent say they have ironed in the nude. Russell Hobbs ironing survey

Al Qaeda spent around $0.5m on 9/11. The cost to the US was around $3.3 trillion, or about $7m for every dollar Al Qaeda paid out. New York Times, 8th September 2011

Of the ten biggest riots in Canadian history, six began at hockey games. Grantland, 27th September 2011

The majority of property in the City of London is now owned by foreign institutions (52 per cent). FT, 21st November 2011

The symbol on every Apple “command” key—a stylised castle seen from above—was used in Swedish campgrounds to denote an interesting sightseeing destination. PLoS Blogs, 22nd November 2011

Houses with the number 13 sell for £6,511 less than their neighbours. Daily Mail, 14th November 2011

In Brazil, 14 per cent of the CEOs of large companies are female, compared to fewer than 5 per cent in the US and Britain. Time, 24th October 2011

During its heyday, Pablo Escobar’s drugs cartel spent $2,500 a month on rubber bands for bricks of cash. Mental Floss, 2nd December 2011

In Google’s office at London Victoria, every wall is a whiteboard—staff are encouraged to write anywhere. Evening Standard, 12th December 2011