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Kara Swisher: How big tech squashed the media

Why is big tech such a problem for the traditional press? Plus, Alan and Lionel talk about how to cover a general election

May 30, 2024
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Kara Swisher—maverick, rock star and tech guru—has interviewed some of the highest profile and biggest personalities on the planet, from Mark Zuckerberg to Barack Obama, Rupert Murdoch and Kim Kardashian. Joining Alan and Lionel on the podcast this week, Kara unpicks the relationship between big tech and the media. Big tech, she says, have no interest in the “greater good”. They wanted to make money, regardless of how that would impact the media companies, and media companies quickly got left behind. 

With no existing legislation in the USA to keep big tech in check, the balance of power has swung far in their direction. And while Kara argues that big tech firms should be held responsible for what is published on their platforms, she warns that they are acting almost with impunity. Meeting at the Truth Tellers Summit, held in memory of Sir Harry Evans, she explains exactly what she would like to happen.

Also, Alan and Lionel reflect on previous general elections they have covered as they begin to watch the media coverage of the current campaign.

A transcript will be available shortly