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Listen: Headspace #21—A former MI6 head on what Brexit means for security

Prospect speaks to the former head of MI6 about the implications of Brexit for British security

By Jay Elwes  


In this week’s Headspace, former MI6 head John Sawers explains why Brexit could be a threat to national security.

My concern on the intelligence and security front is over the exchange of data. Data is now central to the way in which security services in particular monitor threats. Track people who might pose a threat to UK security—and the rules on exchange of data are going to be set in the EU and we won’t be round the table with our voice with our weight stressing the vital importance of these data exchanges to our national security.”


Sawers goes on to discuss the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Britain’s failure to intervene in Syria, Russian meddling in western elections and relations between Britain and the US.

Previous episodes of Headspace—first recorded monthly but now weekly—can be found here.


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