Dutch poster created to encourage blood donation, by Dick Bruna (1986). ©LLUSTRATION DICK BRUNA © COPYRIGHT MERCIS BV, 1986

Science hits the seaside: The best science exhibitions this month

The British Science Festival comes to Brighton
August 17, 2017
British Science Festival

Brighton, 5th to 9th September 

Science hits the seaside this month, when the British Science Association’s popular annual shindig comes to Brighton . Hardcore enthusiasts will love events on the Large Hadron Collider and quantum computing, but there are left-field offerings too: psychology lessons for parents who want to tackle sibling quarrels, a debate about whether the UK should host a “body farm” of donated cadavers, and a boozy science-themed stagger through the Lanes. More sober types might prefer to listen to Uta Frith, BSA President and redoubtable psychologist, on the subject of public trust, bias and reason.

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

Wellcome Collection, London, 7th September 

What is true of advertising is also true of health messaging: design can reach out to people in a way that words sometimes cannot. This wonderful exhibition explores the role of graphic design in global health by bringing together around 200 examples, such as 16th-century anatomical pop-up books, condom packaging and anti-smoking postage stamps. Those with a historical interest will enjoy reading plague notices and Victorian quarantine bills; the hard-hitting HIV/Aids campaigns (Silence=Death) stir more contemporary memories. The tradition continues today: admire the educational murals of Stephen Doe, the street artist in Liberia who painted graphic depictions of Ebola symptoms on walls.