Prospect recommends: The best science exhibitions this month

"Join workshops and try some hands-on activities"
April 11, 2017
Crick Late: Discovery

Francis Crick Institute, London, 3rd May

The Francis Crick Institute, which opened last year near King’s Cross, is a £700m temple to the biomedical sciences. And, this month, Europe’s biggest super-lab, which will host more than a thousand scientists working in such fields as cancer genetics and immunology, throws its shiny glass doors open for the evening.

The event will feature the obligatory food, drink and music but, with its theme of discovery, this is a rare chance to quiz world-leading scientists about their research projects, join workshops and try some hands-on activities.

Securing the UK’s Future Industrial Success

Society for Chemical Industry, London 23rd May

How should a post-Brexit UK rethink its industrial strategy in order to prosper in the future? David Willetts, former Minister for Science and Universities, sets out a policy road map at a public lecture hosted by the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) in central London.

He will point out the need for the country to forge ahead on the Eight Great Technologies, previously identified by the government as sectors in which the country already enjoys advantages. These are: big data, satellites, robotics, modern genetics, regenerative medicine,

agri-science, advanced materials and energy storage. They will have impacts on such diverse challenges as climate change and feeding an ever-growing world population. Expect Willetts, chair of the British Science Association, to use his celebrated two brains to champion science and innovation as we wave our long goodbye to the EU.