Prospect recommends: Science exhibitions this month

"Our relationship to other creatures is narrated with characteristic Wellcome quirkiness"
December 15, 2016
How to Have a Good Day

London School of Economics, Old Theatre, 13th January, 6.30 to 8pm, free

How to deal with bad commutes, email overload and irksome colleagues? Caroline Webb, an adviser to McKinsey and a former economist, draws on behavioural science, including social and cognitive psychology, to help you turn that glib slogan into reality. Find out how to set better priorities, manage time more efficiently, bounce back from setbacks and show off your best side. Perhaps you’ll also learn how to manage your ego…

Making Nature: How we see animals

Wellcome Collection, London, until 21st May

Charles Darwin felt conflicted over his relationship with animals; he killed a puppy when a boy and ate tortoises while travelling, but later regretted it and famously wrote that humans differ from higher animals by degree rather than kind. Today, we still hunt animals for food and for pleasure—and yet love some species as if they were family. Our relationship to other creatures—of fascination to anthropologists, philosophers and ecologists—is narrated, with characteristic Wellcome quirkiness, through 100 items, including taxidermy specimens and photographs.