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Prospect’s 2017 Party Conference Round-Up

By Saskia Perriard-Abdoh  


After a busy four weeks on the road at the Liberal Democrat, Labour, Conservative and Scottish National Party political party conferences, where Prospect hosted a number of discussions on the fringe, we’re delighted to share a collection of articles covering the main ideas resulting from our events.

This year, Prospect’s events programme addressed a variety of topics including: banking, regional devolution, Brexit, infrastructure, transport, and financial inclusion. It also saw the launch of our Data as Infrastructure report.


Nick Clegg: Lib Dems must stick in the middle

Andy Burnham: “I’m going to pop the Westminster bubble from the outside”

Digital safety: How to protect yourself online

Delivering a successful industrial strategy through trade policy and export promotion

Seven things on the Brexit ‘to-do’ list after Party Conferences

Beyond the bank

The data challenge

Myths and realities of self-employment

How can we ensure that our pensions system does not leave behind the self-employed?

How can the UK best support development in the occupied Palestinian territories?

Delivering services for changing consumer needs

Financial Inclusion: a policy agenda for the future

Has increased competition in banking benefited all consumers?

Fair lending for small businesses

Re-balancing the economy through trade post-Brexit

Starting small: what support do small scale housebuilders need?

This conference season, the agenda on housing is clearer than ever

Taking a closer look at the “Great Jobs Agenda”


If you have any questions about Prospect’s 2017 party conference programme, or to discuss working together, please email: or visit our pre-conference hub.

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