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Election 2024: It’s the Sun wot lost it!

Alan and Lionel examine the role of the media in what is set to be a historic election

July 04, 2024
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As Britain goes to the polls, what role has the media played in shaping the way that nation votes? Traditionally, the tabloid media, mainly Murdoch’s Sun, had a significant role in influencing the public, simply due to the huge swathes of the population that read the paper. But what about this year? Where have the tabloids and the broadsheets put their faith?

Alan and Lionel are joined by David Yelland. David was once editor of the Sun and now presents a podcast for the BBC called When It Hits The Fan. David believes the Sun has lost all of its influence. But then, at the last minute, the Sun decided to back Starmer—only not very passionately. Alan, Lionel and David react to the breaking news.

A transcript will be available shortly.