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The Washington Post: the chaos continues

Where are there more newsroom showdowns: Britain or America? Plus, what next for Will Lewis and the Post? 

June 13, 2024
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This week Alan and Lionel follow the latest twists and turns at the Washington Post. The noisy departure of Sally Buzbee, the paper’s former executive editor, continues to reverberate around the media world, following Buzbee’s bust-up with Will Lewis, the Post’s publisher and chief executive, over an article that she approved about a phone hacking lawsuit connected to Lewis.

Lewis was mentioned in Prospect reporting that broke new revelations about the phone hacking scandal—but it was only when drama ensued at the Post, one of the great American media institutions, that the story began to make headlines. On this week’s episode, editor-in-chief of Semafor, Ben Smith, explains how the US publishing industry reacts when under fire.

Meanwhile Joanna Coles of the Daily Beast, another of the British journalists staking her claim in the United Statesdiscusses whether British or American journalists are more used to newsroom showdowns. With all eyes on the Post, what will the ultimate fallout be?

A transcript of this episode will be available shortly