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The phone hacking scandal: new evidence and fresh claims

Reporter Nick Davies takes Alan and Lionel through his latest findings about Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers. Was phone hacking worse than we thought?

May 02, 2024
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Back in 2009, journalist Nick Davies uncovered a scandal: newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch had been hacking the phones of celebrities, public figures and even victims of crimes—notably the missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler—in search of stories. The Leveson inquiry was established to investigate, and the world moved on. 

For this month’s Prospect magazine, Nick Davies has trawled through documents to unearth new evidence which suggests that the phones of some politicians were still being hacked during the Leveson inquiry, and at moments when key decisions were being made in government that would affect the commercial interests of Murdoch’s papers. It turns out the story is far from over… Nick joins Lionel Barber and Alan Rusbridger to discuss his findings. 

To read the story in full, and the response from News Group Newspapers to Davies’s claims, see here:

A transcript of this episode will be available shortly