The best online art exhibitions this June

Faustin Linyekula at the Tate and diving into the British Museum’s Museum of the World
May 3, 2020
Museum of the World,

As exhibition-going continues to be virtual, we can do some homework. The British Museum’s Museum of the World project is utterly pleasurable, as you move from object to object down a timeline reaching back 11,000 years. You can click through to detailed captions, maps and audio explanations—whether about the Bronze Age Mold gold cape found in North Wales in 1833, or the Ghanaian Eagle-shaped coffin bought straight from Paa Joe’s workshop in 2000. Accompanied by otherworldly wind chimes.

My Body, My Archive: Faustin Linyekula,

As the closure of the Tate Live season loomed, Tate recorded this moving performance by Congolese artist Faustin Linyekula and his collaborators who had made it to London before lockdown. Linyekula uses a physically expressive combination of theatre, dance and music to explore tensions arising from the DRC’s deeply troubled history. Filmed in the Tanks at Tate Modern.

Abel by Fernando Arias,

The Baltic offers online escape into the Amazonian world of Abel Rodríguez. Born Mogaje Guihu, into the Muinane community who live near the headwaters of the Cahuinarí River in the Colombian Amazon, he was educated to become a sabedor, or man of knowledge, by his uncle, with a detailed understanding of local plant life. Now living in Bogotá, where he creates his joyful pictures entirely from memory, he returned to the forest in 2014 to make this beautiful film with Fernando Arias.