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Renewables: the numbers

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For evidence of the increasing role played by alternative energy sources, consider the charts below. In the third quarter of last year, for example, nuclear and renewables accounted for 42.5 per cent of all United Kingdom electricity generation. By point of comparison, less than a fifth of electricity generation came from oil and coal.

A breakdown of UK renewables by share of electricity generation is equally instructive. Wind-generated energy accounted for 11.4 per cent of total electricity generation; on-shore contributing 6.6 per cent and off-shore contributing 4.8 per cent. Solar photovoltaic roof panels, converting the energy from the sun, accounts for less than 2 per cent. However, growth from this low base is expected to be significant over the coming years.

Country-by-country contributions across the UK throw up some interesting contrasts. Little surprise to see Scotland contributing a disproportionate amount of onshore wind and hydro energy and Wales a disproportionate amount of offshore wind. Equally, England contributes the bulk of bioenergy and Solar PV energy.


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