May 2021 issue
While lockdowns were arguably necessary, Adam Wagner warns that when governments give themselves drastic powers, they don’t always give them back. Stephen Buranyi uncovers how Big Pharma is using its vaccine success to double down on profit rather t...
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Taking liberties: Covid-19 and the anatomy of a constitutional catastrophe
We should soon get many of our personal freedoms back. But such have been the abuses of parliament, police and the law that we may never recover our standing as free citizens
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Big Pharma did not save the day
The industry is celebrating a great PR win—but Big Pharma's iron grip on intellectual property could hinder the achievement of worldwide protection against Covid-19
The battle for the Arctic
The great powers have embarked on a new scramble for the Arctic, as profitable sea routes open up in melting ice. But unless we can salvage the region’s fragile ecology, all humanity’s fortunes will sink
Photo by NASA/MAPs Team/Getty Images, Massimiliano Donati/Alamy Live News
Carlo Rovelli on his search for the theory of everything
Can quantum physics reveal the secrets of the universe—as well as humanity’s entangled nature?
At home: Turkish Germans relax in a park in Berlin in 1975 © Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / Alamy Stock Photo
Turkish Germans are finally finding their voice
Sixty years after Germany opened up a temporary guest-worker programme for Turks the younger generation is still struggling to find its place
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