June 2021 issue
Why we need to reform the Crown, the rich history of Chinese people in the UK, why governments can’t just keep borrowing and a profile of Cressida Dick. Plus Edward Said’s confusion, how to fix government sleaze and we ask whether meritocracy has ...
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Roadmap to a republic
Why the monarchy can’t just ‘carry on’ after Elizabeth II
Illustration by Ian Morris
Why the Crown is at a crossroads
In an hour of legal and constitutional flux, events may soon force the monarchy to become more—or less—powerful
Ilustration: Tim McDonagh
Line of duty: What does Cressida Dick really want?
The first female and first openly gay Metropolitan Police commissioner is known to be cool-headed. But with challenges coming from all political sides, will that last?
Not short of an opinion: Nigel Farage and Nick Ferrari on LBC. © Jamie Wiseman/Daily Mail/Shutterstock, YouTube
Rise of the British shock jock
Right-wing radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh softened up America for the Trump era. Could the UK’s own new breed of polarising presenters do the same here?
Professor of error: Edward Said in Quincy, France Credit: Bloomsbury
Disorientated: the confusions of Edward Said
The dangers of imprisoning culture in political theories
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