The Teacher's Pet is a new true crime podcast

Couples in therapy and a shocking cold case—the best podcasts in October 2018

Plus: the Clinton-Lewinsky saga dissected
September 20, 2018
Where Should We Begin?Audible

I’ve recently been devouring the back catalogue of this captivating podcast about relationships. Each episode is a real-life, unscripted couples’ counselling session with sex therapist Esther Perel, author of the bestselling Mating in Captivity. The sessions are dramatic, intimate and often uncomfortably familiar, addressing topics such as anger, parenting, infidelity, sex after trauma and the impact of disease and caring responsibilities on a relationship. The first two series are addictive listening and there are new episodes due in October.


The Teacher’s PetThe Australian

Cold case true crime podcasts are abundant, but The Teacher’s Pet has to be one of the most shocking yet. It’s an investigation by newspaper The Australian into the case of Lyn Dawson (above) who went missing 36 years ago after discovering that her husband, a teacher, was having an affair with a pupil. Coroners concluded her husband had killed her, but he never faced trial and now lives in Queensland. The podcast is full of extraordinary and disturbing revelations, with 12 million downloads so far.


Slow BurnSlate

The first season of this incisive political podcast from Slate magazine’s Leon Neyfakh told the story of Watergate as a thriller, making us feel the drama exactly as if it were unfolding now. Now it’s returned with a new series and another political scandal to dissect: the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. The eight episodes explore dynamics of sex and power and how profoundly our perceptions of both have shifted in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Neyfakh’s storytelling is deft and compelling.