Free e-book: Prospect World Thinkers 2014

April 24, 2014

Delve deeper into the minds of the world’s leading thinkers with our exclusive e-book, Prospect World Thinkers 2014: The top 10. Available free to Prospect subscribers, it features selected works from this year’s top 10 public intellectuals. Download your copy and enjoy an extract from Pope Francis’s first book The Church of Mercy, an essay from Mary Beard’s critically acclaimed new collection, Confronting the Classics, an interview with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Peter Higgs, Mao Yushi’s controversial essay “Returning Mao Zedong to Human Form,” and a preview of Ha-Joon Chang’s myth-busting new book on economics.

Prospect’s World Thinkers 2014 poll attracted nearly 7,000 votes. Voters came to the Prospect website in large numbers through Twitter and Facebook, and from many countries around the world. The winner of this year’s poll was the Nobel prize-winning economist and philosopher Amartya Sen, who has written an essay for this month's issue of Prospect asking why do we tolerate poverty. Find out the rest of the results of this year's World Thinkers poll here.