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Was Hazlitt an Irishman?

William Hazlitt was one of the great geniuses of English letters. AC Grayling, who is himself completing a biography of Hazlitt, generously recommends Tom Paulin's rival work but questions his claim that Hazlitt was an Irishman
AC Grayling  

Arguing with aliens

How can we explain the ubiquity of alien abduction claims and other paranormal phenomena? AC Grayling is a philosopher who believes that science can explain both the stories and why some people need to believe them
AC Grayling  

Clinton and China

How should the west handle relations with China? Not by censoring itself. He recommends reading the letters of Wei Jingsheng, now dying in a Chinese prison
AC Grayling  

Freud or faux

The popular appeal of Freud's ideas has never been greater, but their scientific value has recently been under sustained attack. The philosopher AC Grayling discusses both the reasons for this renewed scepticism and Freud's lasting appeal
AC Grayling  

Intellectual or academic

As British universities receive the results of their research assessments, AC Grayling considers what future there is for the idea of a liberal education and laments the demise of the intellectual scholar
AC Grayling  

The books

Philosophy of history: AC Grayling surveys the essential literature from Thucydides to Popper
AC Grayling